How to Increase Your Reading Comfort

People with Irlen Syndrome (Scotopic Sensitivity, Light Sensitivity) are sensitive to certain light waves. How to increase reading comfort is important. The colored overlays, filters (worn as glasses), and contact lenses are designed to filter those light waves. In other words, the offensive light waves will not form part of the visual processing that takes place in the brain. This increases reading comfort.

Lighting in your home is important. Residents with light sensitivity can do a variety of things to increase reading, writing, and living comfort. Try some of the ideas below and see for yourself which ones make a difference in your reading comfort.

Dimming Lights

Many persons with light do not like excessive lighting contrast. Instead of creating bright pools of light surrounded by darkness, try dim lighting. Dim lighting can be achieved by reducing the wattage in bulbs.

Some people prefer to have a room be slowly illuminated rather than just flicking a switch for overhead lighting. Table lamps and night lights can help in the transition. Dim lighting can also make watching TV more comfortable and increase reading comfort.

Light Fixtures

Unshielded fixtures such as track lights can be especially uncomfortable. Baffles or diffusers would come in handy. Alternatively, maybe the fixtures can be aimed at a wall. That way, the light would bounce back into the room. The person with light sensitivity would therefore not see the light bulb directly.

Chrome and Tile

Chrome and tile, typically associated with bathrooms, can also create discomfort. This is because light appears brighter when reflected off chrome and tile.


For some light sensitive people, sunlight may present a problem. Shades, curtains, blinds, and shutters can all help to adjust the sunlight so that you feel comfortable reading, writing, or working on your computer. A computer should never be right in front of a window or to its side because it directs your eyes into the lights. Reading discomfort will decrease if you find the right place for you computer.

Try Out What Works for You

Adjust various lamps and light sources with a dimmer to a level where you feel comfortable doing whatever it is you are doing. Reading, writing, sewing, knitting, cooking, or cleaning might require different levels of light.

Call Your Screener

To get really comfortable, people with light sensitivity need colored overlays, filters, or contact lenses. Please email to susilavery@gmail.com or call (405) 296-0112 for an appointment. Here is a description of how an Irlen Screening works https://stillwaterokssi.com/diagnostic-screening-pricing.

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  1. I was told that I was dyslexic early on, but I have a couple of different diagnosis from a variety of sources throughout my life that range from unspecified anxiety disorder and depression to Irlene syndrome and attention deficit disorder to possible schizophrenia. I suffered brain injury when I was a child, but I’m not sure if that’s related to my problems or not.

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